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  • Louisiana Cancer Research Center

The Cancer Research Center for the Louisiana Cancer Research Consortium is a joint venture between the Health Science Centers of Louisiana State, Tulane and Xavier Universities, an excellent example of a private/public initiative. Located between the primary freeway serving New Orleans and a large historic church, the site is both dramatic as it faces the freeway and intimate as it faces the church. The 166,000-SF building includes flexible research space, office space, and support laboratories for 72 principal investigators and their teams. The design includes conference space, a training facility and parking garage for 300 cars. The joint venture's mission is to create a cancer research laboratory that would qualify for National Cancer Institute designation, a prerequisite status for federal funding. The building was redesigned after Hurricane Katrina to include clinical floors devoted to care for underserved populations in New Orleans.

Project completed at Hillier Architecture.

Louisiana Cancer Research Center

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