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  • Rohm + Haas Dining Facility

The ground level of the Rohm and Haas Headquarters Building (now Dow Chemical) opens onto an exterior terrace and affords expansive views across Independence Mall. This floor also showcases the poured-in-place concrete structure of the building and the signature Plexiglas chandeliers – the material that first made Rohm and Haas famous. The new Dining Facility for employees is located amongst this important heritage. The servery and kitchen are located at the interior of this space, and the seating areas make use of the interesting architecture and space that flows around this central zone, providing views out onto the Mall. A backlit channel-glass wall wraps the kitchen and provides the backdrop for the seating area.

The exterior terraces and landscaping cover basement level occupied spaces. Approximately half of these exterior areas were replaced over a new cold fluid applied waterproofing assembly.

As part of this project, the building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. All new construction was detailed such that the modifications could be reversible and not affect the historic fabric of the building.

Project completed at Hillier Architecture.

Rohm + Haas Dining Facility

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